Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 – Couple Things To Do

Craving a date night in Tulsa that’s more than just dinner and finding some movie date night ideas in Tulsa? Tulsa offers a hidden gem waiting to reignite the spark – The Vanguard in the heart of the Brady District, which is one of the best things to do in Tulsa for couples.

This trendy spot takes the concept of a date night in Tulsa and flips it on its head, offering a unique experience that combines delicious food with live music.

In The Raw Vu, in our list is one of the fun things to do in Tulsa for couples. Imagine this: indulging in a delectable meal followed by an intimate live music performance – the perfect recipe for a romantic and unforgettable evening things to do in Tulsa at night.

1. Juniper: Way to Seasonal Cuisine

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Nestled in the heart of Tulsa’s Blue Dome Entertainment District, Juniper lives up to its reputation as an award-winning restaurant ideal for a special occasion. The atmosphere is both sophisticated and inviting, featuring exposed brick walls, local artwork, and warm lighting. This sets the stage for the true star of the show: Chef-driven seasonal cuisine.

Juniper’s menu highlights the freshest ingredients sourced from Oklahoma’s Green Country, ensuring a unique and ever-evolving dining experience. Indulge in a multi-course tasting menu, a decadent journey curated by the chef, or choose from an enticing a la carte selection.

Each dish is a work of art, showcasing innovative techniques and exceptional flavor combinations. The extensive wine list boasts pairings to complement any dish, while impeccable service ensures a seamless evening.

Some Tips: Reservations are highly recommended, especially for weekend evenings. Juniper offers valet parking for added convenience. Dress code leans towards upscale casual, allowing you to feel comfortable yet stylish.

2. The Vanguard: Live Music with American Cuisine

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

For a date night with a touch of energy, head to The Vanguard in Tulsa’s Deco District. This restaurant offers a stylish and modern take on classic American cuisine. The vibrant atmosphere is perfect for couples who enjoy a lively scene without sacrificing quality food.

The Vanguard’s menu features creative interpretations of familiar dishes, showcasing seasonal ingredients and innovative culinary techniques. Start with delectable appetizers perfect for sharing, like their signature lamb lollipops or the crab and corn fritters.

Follow it up with mouthwatering entrees, such as the seared scallops with creamy polenta or the pan-roasted duck breast with cherry demi-glace. The restaurant also boasts an impressive cocktail program, featuring unique and flavorful libations crafted with fresh ingredients and house-made syrups.

My Experience: Check The Vanguard’s website or social media pages for their live music calendar. Plan your visit to coincide with a performance by a genre you both enjoy, transforming your meal into a multi-sensory experience. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends and for tables with good views of the stage. Dress code is smart casual.

3. Bull in the Alley

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Calling all adventurous couples! Venture beyond the ordinary and discover Bull in the Alley, a hidden gem in Tulsa’s Brady District. This unique establishment combines the charm of a speakeasy with an upscale dining experience.

The entrance itself is an adventure. Look for a discreet bull sculpture hanging above an unmarked door nestled within an alley. Step inside to discover a stylish and intimate setting, complete with a live piano player serenading guests most evenings.

The menu at Bull in the Alley focuses on delicious, high-quality ingredients. Their steaks are renowned for their tenderness and flavor, while the seafood dishes are equally impressive. Don’t miss their signature cocktails, crafted with premium spirits and fresh ingredients. The entire experience, from the hidden entrance to the live music and delectable food, creates a truly memorable and romantic ambiance.

Travel Tips: Reservations are highly recommended, especially on weekends, due to the limited seating. Dress code leans towards upscale casual attire. Finding parking in the area can be a challenge, so consider using a ride-sharing service.

Bonus Tip: For a truly unique experience, combine your dinner at Bull in the Alley with a visit to The Vanguard, located just a short walk away, to catch a live music performance after your meal.

4. Admiral Twin Drive-In

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

For a unique and fun date night (or family outing!), consider a trip to the Admiral Twin Drive-In. As the review highlights, it’s a viable and nostalgic option, especially if you’re looking for something different. Step back in time and enjoy a movie under the stars from the comfort of your own car. Did you know they even filmed the classic film “The Outsiders” here?

The Admiral offers a mix of current releases and classic films, catering to a variety of tastes. They also frequently show kid-friendly movies, making it a great option for a fun family night under the stars.

Some Tips: During the holiday season, the Admiral goes all out with festive decorations, creating a truly magical atmosphere for your date night.

Remember: Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy during the movie. Bring blankets or pillows for extra comfort. Arrive early to secure a good spot. Check the Admiral’s website or social media for current showtimes and pricing.

5. Visit Roosevelt’s

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Venture to Cherry Street (also known as 15th Street) just outside of downtown Tulsa to discover Roosevelt’s, another fantastic option mentioned in this Date Night ideas in Tulsa. Whether you’re on a date night or enjoying a night out with friends, Roosevelt’s offers a lively atmosphere and delicious food.

Roosevelt’s boasts an upscale yet inviting ambiance, perfect for a relaxed and enjoyable evening. The menu features modern American cuisine with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. From juicy steaks and creative pasta dishes to inventive appetizers and delectable desserts, Roosevelt’s offers something to tantalize every taste bud.

Some Tips: Roosevelt’s can get quite busy, especially on weekends. Reservations are recommended, especially for larger groups. Dress code leans towards smart casual. The restaurant offers valet parking for added convenience.

6. Valkyrie – For Creative Drinks Night

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Tucked away in the heart of Tulsa’s Brady District is Valkyrie, a haven for those who appreciate the art of mixology. As the review highlights, stepping into Valkyrie is an experience in itself. The extensive selection of liquors behind the bar is a testament to their dedication to crafting exceptional drinks.

But Valkyrie goes beyond just having a wide variety of options. Their bartenders are true masters of their craft, and their passion for mixology is evident in every creation. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and let them guide you – their knowledge and helpfulness will ensure you find the perfect drink to tantalize your taste buds.

My recommendation will be their unique take on a classic vodka tonic, made with their house-crafted orange tonic. This small detail exemplifies Valkyrie’s commitment to creativity and using high-quality ingredients. Even if you’re a traditionalist, their innovative approach is guaranteed to surprise and delight you.

My Experience: The atmosphere at Valkyrie is upscale yet inviting. The bartenders’ dedication to their craft is a joy to watch, making the experience even more engaging. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic evening or a group of friends on a fun night out, Valkyrie offers a memorable and delicious experience.

7. The Unicorn Club

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Feeling adventurous? Then head to The Unicorn Club, a unique and lively spot mentioned in our fun things to do in tulsa for couples. Don’t be deterred by the name – The Unicorn Club offers a fun and playful atmosphere perfect for couples who enjoy a bit of whimsy, or a group of friends looking for a night to remember.

The bar features a vibrant dance scene with DJs spinning upbeat tunes, ranging from hip-hop to all your favorite dance classics. But the real star of the show here are the drinks. The Unicorn Club offers a variety of visually stunning cocktails, some featuring whimsical garnishes like cotton candy or even edible glitter. Of course, you can also order classic cocktails if you prefer.

Some Tips: The Unicorn Club tends to attract a younger crowd, so be prepared for a lively and energetic atmosphere. Dress code is casual. Finding parking in the area can be a challenge, so consider using a ride-sharing service.

8. In The Raw Vu – Hillside Location

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Craving a romantic evening with breathtaking cityscapes? Look no further than In the Raw Vu’s newest location in downtown Tulsa. This rooftop restaurant, perched atop the Vast Bank building, offers panoramic views of the city, including the minor league ballpark, creating a truly special ambiance.

In the Raw Vu isn’t just about the view, however. As mentioned in the review, they’re renowned for their delicious sushi. The menu features a variety of creative takes on classic sushi dishes alongside fresh and flavorful options.

This, combined with their extensive selection of creative cocktails, makes In the Raw Vu the perfect spot for a date night that combines delectable food, stunning scenery, and innovative drinks.

Beyond the Meal: For an extra special experience, request a table by the window to fully take in the breathtaking views. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends. Dress code leans towards upscale casual.

9. Music Scene in Tulsa

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual listener, Tulsa’s music scene has something for every taste.

Cain’s Ballroom: This legendary venue, known for its standing-room-only experience, pulsates with energy. Catch national touring acts and up-and-coming indie bands in an intimate setting. Be prepared to mosh along or simply sway to the music, but get there early to snag a spot!

The Vanguard: This trendy spot offers a unique experience – a delicious meal followed by a live music performance. Enjoy a diverse range of genres, from local singer-songwriters to jazz quartets, all in a stylish and upscale ambiance.

BOK Center: For large-scale concerts, the BOK Center is your go-to venue. From chart-topping pop stars to legendary rock bands, the BOK Center offers a platform for a wide range of musical experiences. Check their calendar to see if your favorite artist is performing during your visit.

10. Tulsa Drillers Baseball Game

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

Looking for a fun and affordable date night in Tulsa with a touch of nostalgia? A Tulsa Drillers game is the perfect solution!

OneOK Field: This gorgeous, modern ballpark located in downtown Tulsa provides a comfortable and exciting atmosphere to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Grab a hot dog (or a veggie burger!), sip on a refreshing drink, and cheer on the Drillers.

Family-Friendly Fun: Drillers games are a great choice for a daytime date or a fun activity with the whole family. Expect exciting plays on the field, fun in-between inning activities, and delicious ballpark fare.

If you can snag tickets for a Friday or Saturday night game, you’re in for a treat! The Drillers often end these games with a dazzling fireworks display, making it a truly memorable experience.

11. Whiskey 918 – Fun Scenes

Best Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Ok in 2024 - Couple Things To Do

While the reviewer admits country music isn’t their personal preference, Whiskey 918 offers a lively atmosphere perfect for those seeking a taste of Texas in Tulsa.

Whiskey 918 is known for its energetic dance floor, where visitors can two-step the night away. Grab your partner and show off your moves, or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere and learn a new step or two!

The bar features a rustic yet stylish interior, creating a fun and inviting space. Whether you’re a country music fan or not, the atmosphere is contagious.

While country music takes center stage, Whiskey 918 also features live music nights with other genres, so check their calendar for upcoming events.

Fun Things to Do in Tulsa for Couples

Planning a date night in Tulsa and want to ditch the dinner-and-a-movie routine? This vibrant city offers a surprising array of options to ignite romance or share some side-splitting laughter.

So let’s explore these fun things to do in tulsa for couples to create lasting memories with your special someone with these unique Tulsa date night ideas:

1. See a movie at the drive-in

Experience the magic of movie nights under the stars with a nostalgic twist! Several Tulsa drive-in theaters offer a unique way to cuddle up with your sweetheart and enjoy a film.

Imagine cozying up with blankets and popcorn in the comfort of your own car – far more private than your typical crowded theater. Search for “Tulsa drive-in theaters” to find showtimes and locations for an unforgettable open-air movie experience.

2. Some Fun with Bowling

Who says bowling is just for kids? Tulsa boasts several vibrant bowling alleys, perfect for an evening of playful competition and lighthearted fun. Challenge your date to a game (and maybe a friendly wager!), or team up for a night of strikes and spares. Many alleys offer delicious food and drink options, making it a convenient and entertaining all-in-one date night choice.

3. Go to a game

Swing for the fences and score a memorable date night with tickets to a local sporting event! Whether you’re cheering on the Tulsa Drillers (minor league baseball) or rooting for the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles (basketball), the energy and excitement of a live game are a thrill to share with your special someone. Bonus points if you wear your team’s colors and get loud in the stands!

4. Couple at a comedy show

Laughter is the best medicine, and it’s also a great way to break the ice on a date! Tulsa offers a thriving comedy scene with stand-up shows happening most nights of the week. Grab a pre-show drink at a nearby bar, then get ready for an evening of side-splitting humor. Even if the jokes aren’t all winners, you’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards – and sharing laughter is a great way to connect.

5. Escape to a Winter Wonderland

Channel your inner child and lace up your skates for a romantic ice skating date. Glide hand-in-hand at one of Tulsa’s ice rinks, whether you’re a seasoned skater or a charmingly wobbly beginner. Embrace the potential stumbles and giggles, and enjoy the winter wonderland atmosphere. Most rinks offer skate rentals, so you can skip the hassle and focus on the fun!

The End

Looking to spark some romance or share side-splitting laughs on your next date night in Tulsa? Ditch the dinner-and-a-movie routine and explore the unique experiences Tulsa has to offer! This vibrant city is a treasure trove of options for couples seeking unforgettable evening fun things to do in Tulsa for couples.

From cuddling up under the stars at a nostalgic Tulsa drive-in theater (For date night ideas Tulsa) to playfully challenging each other to a game of bowling, Tulsa offers something for every couple.

Cheer on your favorite team at a local sporting event, or belly laugh your way through a night of stand-up comedy. Hold hands and glide into winter fun at an ice rink, creating lasting memories together.

So ditch the routine and embrace these unique Tulsa date night ideas. From nostalgic movie nights under the stars to laughter-filled comedy shows and wintery thrills on the ice rink, Tulsa offers something for every couple seeking an unforgettable evening.

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